Description: B.A.S.H. is presented by The Women's Art Association of Canada to honour women in the arts who are over the age of 80. These women are BOLD ARTFUL STARS HAPPENING! You will see them at work sculpting, playing in the ukulele ladies band, and building a ceramic piece before your eyes! Join us in our lovely home where their work hangs in a marvellous show. There will be readings by poets and authors, wonderful music and gracious hospitality. Check the calendar of events below to choose your favourite days or evenings to attend and celebrate what is possible even as we age! *ARTISTS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE AT EVERY EVENT FRIDAY APRIL 5th: 5:30 TO 8P.M. $35 A mai tai party Art show and silent auction opens Ukulele ladies band Pianist SATURDAY APRIL 6th: 11A.M. TO 2P.M. $35 Sculpture day with Jocelyn Shaw Art show and silent auction continues Presidents` room tours A light lunch will be served Violinist SUNDAY APRIL 7th: 2 TO 4:30P.M. $35 Poets authors and performance artist Art show and silent auction continues Tea and Tarts Cellist SATURDAY APRIL 13th: 6 TO 9:30P.M. $80 THE BIG B.A.S.H. Jazz Star Jane Bunnett O.C. Performance Artist Stella Walker Art show continues Silent auction closes Sumptuous menu Dress for the occasion Pianist SUNDAY APRIL 14th: 2 TO 4:30P.M. $35 Ceramicist Irene Barran-Stec Art show continues Presidents`room tours Proper afternoon tea Harpist Individual events, except THE BIG B.A.S.H April 13th, are $35 each or bundle 3 of 4 events for $80, excluding THE BIG B.A.S.H.

Start Time: April 5th, 2019 at 5:30pm
End Time: April 5th, 2019 at 8:00pm
Location: Women's Art Association of Canada
Address: 23 Prince Arthur Ave

City: Toronto
Province: ON
Postal Code:

Website: www.womensartofcanada.ca